Condo vs House: Which is a Better Investment in 2019

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Last modified: April 25, 2019

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Condo vs House: Which is a Better Investment in 2019

  1. I like multi-family houses the best. Some of the expenses you find in a single family house can be spread across a few units such as real estate tax, insurance and water bill (of course they would be slightly higher but never 2x or 3x for a 2 family or 3 family house).

    I would choose a single family house vs a condo for the reasons you cited above, especially greater flexibility in renting it out and financing. However, there is probably less hand holding and maintenance on a condo since there might be a super or managing agent who takes care of the property.

  2. Hi,
    If a house or condo is too expensive to purchase, you can also think about fractional property investments. Fractional property investments allow an investor to purchase smaller parts of a property rather than having to finance the whole thing.
    Through these investments, you wouldn’t need to worry about tenants, mortgages, neighbours, lending, or affordability (as generally you can purchase a share for only $100).
    To reduce risk further, you can also diversify into multiple properties!

  3. Aljurf says:

    Hey! the mortgage goes underwater, investment buyers no longer have a financial incentive to stay current on their loan.

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